Wow that was a long break, I honestly didn't intend to leave my blog on the backburner for so long but life just kept shoving more and more at me and I'm now at that point where I crave to do something more creative. So dear readers, to make up the long absence I wanted to talk to you about what I have really been focusing on in the past year ( besides work, relationships, and mental health ) I have been really working on my skin and trying to find out what does and doesn't work for me. It has been a long year of trials and tribulations dealing with my hormonal acne, I first started with really delving into having a Korean skincare routine and some of what I have learned I have applied it to my current routine, then I went the clean beauty way, tried low end and expensive products, and then FINALLY found the right products for me. I am now so much more confident, I receive a lot of compliments, and I really don't wear makeup as much. So, let's dive into what I currently use. 


start off with my curology face wash, I'm pretty sure I've talked about Curology before ( no this is not an ad ) but I do highly recommend their products. Use Glossier Solution with a reusable cotton pad ( because hello sustainability ), follow that up with my Noto Serum it's so hydrating and smells so good, Glossier Future Dew ( for that glow! ) after that, and finish it up with Glossier Daily Sunscreen  


start off again with curology face wash, then use my Glossier Solution, follow that up with my customized curology acne cream, some Noto Serum to rehydrate and finish up the night with my gua sha tool I love this last step because gua-shaing really helps increase elasticity and my skin looks so much more radiant after a good massage. 


masks have really helped up my skincare routine and I have tried to so many of them. Peel off, sheet, charcoal, mud you name it I have most definitely tried it. But, I have 3 masks that I constantly rotate and I advise using a mask like every other day to every 3 days. 

Peach and Lilly Reboot Surfacing Mask - remember when I briefly talked about my Korean skincare phase earlier? Yeah, this is the only thing I kept in my routine. It is a gel texture, wash of mask, that has BHA's and AHA's which helps gently exfoliate your skin and really helps with texture. 

The Ordinary Peeling Solution - this is my go-to product when I see a pimple popping out of nowhere, I just put this on for 10 min. ( PLEASE ONLY 10 MIN BECAUSE IF NOT YOUR SKIN WILL BE REAL RED AFTERWARDS, it is a really strong product ) and the next day it's gone! This is one of the low-end products that I really fell in love with and it also has AHA's and BHA's. 

Joanna Vargas Twilight Masks Sheets - Now these are a total game-changer, I especially love to use these sheet masks straight out of my skincare fridge ( yes, I'm serious, I do have a fridge dedicated to skincare products ) because it's so cooling and relaxing. After wearing it for 20-30 min, really let the serums soak in, I take it off and rub in the excess serum. My skin is literally so glowy the rest of the day! It is a pricey sheet mask, $75 per 5 count box, but it's honestly so worth it. 


Looking back at these photos just makes me want to cry because at this point I was desperate for a solution, I didn't feel confident and I was just packing on so much makeup to hide my imperfections. I'm happy that I just said screw it and tried it all until I found the right products for me. 

until next time! 

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