Hey guys! If you know me, then you know that I love my coffee. I drink about 2-3 cups of coffee a day, what can I say ya girl loves caffeine, but I know that it can really do some damage my teeth by staining them yellow. However, I take that risk but I do have something that can help combat those pesky stains and keep my teeth bright white, that's what I wanted to talk to you guys about today.

I was recently contacted by a company called Smile Brilliant and let me tell you their products are pretty brilliant. I've tried so many teeth whitening products but some of them make my teeth to sensitive or leave patches. With Smile Brilliant I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't experience any sensitivity when doing any of the whitening processes and it didn't leave any of those bright white dehydrated patches.

Here's how the process went; after I was contacted I was sent molds for my teeth and sent back the impressions. After a week and a half, I got my teeth whitening trays and was ready to start the process of getting gorgeous white teeth. With my at home teeth whitening kit, I didn't just get the trays, I also received 3 tubes of whitening gel and of desensitizing gel and let me tell you those tubes go a long way! after a few days of use I've noticed a slight improvement and keep in mind I was still drinking my coffee. After a few weeks, I couldn't stop smiling because my teeth were so white and bright and just made me that much more confident. All still while drinking coffee.

(before and after) 

What I love about this at home teeth whitening kit is that it's custom-made for your teeth! while other products aren't this one really just takes the cake for the best whitening kit ever. Not only that you can literally do anything while your whitening. I usually worked on my blog or styled my outfits for weeks of blog posts and travel diaries. I'm so glad I got to try out this amazing product!

Huge thanks to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post and in collaboration with them I'll be doing a giveaway! if you enter this giveaway you have a chance at winning a personalized gift code to use on the site - it will be for the value of $139 which is the price of your own T3 Sensitive kit! Giveaway ends on March 27th, 2017 so make sure to enter in before then by going to  

till next time guys! 

xoxo, Andie 

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