For a while, I was getting frustrated with my skin. It always seemed like there was always new breakout or all of a sudden my skin will start drying out horribly or the dark pigmentation from said breakout wasn't going away.  I started to hate my skin so I knew that I had to change things fast before my skin got any worse. So I updated my skin care routine and the items that have been literal godsends are not at all sponsored just to let you know. I just really love them because ever since I've started using them my skin has been the best it has ever been and I just wanted to share them with you guys in case you're looking for some skin help. 

While I was scrolling through Instagram I saw an ad for this thing called Curology. What hooked me in was the "first-month free" deal and I immediately signed up. The sign-up process was super easy just upload some "before" pictures of your face and list what your problems with your skin are. For example, I listed that my problems were small breakouts all over my face and dark pigmentation. After you finish the sign-up process, a dermatologist will get in contact with you and prescribe a formula for your Curology medicine. What I really like about it is that it really is formulated just for you and it really does help with all your skin problems. 

I've been using this Detoxifying Black Cleanser from Boscia for a while now and I really love it. It's a gel that immediately starts warming up when it comes in contact with skin. I feel because it is a warming gel it really opens up my pores to clean them out. It's also really gentle on the skin and when used with the Konjac Cleansing Sponge it leaves your skin so, so, so soft.

This Kiehl's Recovery Concentrate is what really adds to the softness and dewiness of my skin. I use a few drops of this every night after cleansing and gently press it onto my skin. It's an essential oil used for nighttime to target skin irritations, pigmentations, and hydration. It has a lovely smell to it as well because it has primrose and lavender oil. I feel like this item is very essential because it does work wonders and makes my skin look so fresh. 

Because I use Curology ( which is the medicine I listed above) I needed a sunscreen to protect my face. When I was visiting my nearest Ulta I picked up a lot of samples of this sunscreen and I actually just ran out of all my samples (she gave me like 6) so now I have to get the full sized. The Anthelios 60 Sunscreen from La Roche Posay is really light and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue or make my skin feel sticky and to top it off, it doesn't really have that sunscreen smell. 

Just to show you how well these items worked I inserted an unedited photo of what my skin looks like currently sans makeup. As you can see my breakouts have disappeared and my dark pigmentation is pretty much gone. I'm now so happy with my skin and how it looks and I've gotten so many compliments and I owe it all to these 4 products. 

till next time, 

xoxo Andie 


  1. This post was incredibly helpful! I have acne which can be really hard to deal with at times. Also, since I've had acne for years, I have a lot of scaring so I've been looking for products to help with that. Great post and thank you!

    Isabelle |

    1. Of course! If you get any of these products let me know how they work out for you 💕


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