Hey guys! so one of my current favorite trends are girlfriend jeans. In case you don't know the girlfriend jean is kinda of like the boyfriend jean when it comes to a slouch and relaxed kind of look. However, it doesn't have the same fit because the girlfriend jeans are a bit more contoured to the silhouette. 

These white girlfriend jeans are everything! I love how they fit and they are super easy to style because everything goes with white. I paired my white jeans with a slouchy nude top, minimal jewelry and my trusty converse sneakers. This is the perfect Sunday outfit just to grab some coffee or to hang out because of how laid back the look is. 

Another one of the trends that I'm loving is the brow bar sunglasses because they have an edgy/retro look to them. I love my Crap Eyewear ones because the lens are polarized so no glares are thrown my way which is a huge plus in my book because it's so sunny now. Which one of these trends will you be rocking this summer? let me know in the comments below! 

till next time, 
xoxo Andie 

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Hey guys so Fathers Day is literally a few days away and if you know me sometimes I push the gift buying until the very end because i'm a huge procrastinator (i'm very self-aware) and sometimes I don't even know what to get my dads so I need some inspo from gift guides. So I decided to make this gift guide for anyone else who is a procrastinator like me or who struggles on what to get their dad(s) for Fathers Day.

till next time, 

Clinque - For the dad that takes care of his skin or just enjoys having nice hygiene. 

Shot Glasses - If your dad is a big partier or enjoys a drink or two.

Apple Watch Band - For the high tech dad.

BBQ Set - For the dads that like cooking with some style.

Wallets - For the dad that really needs to upgrade his wallet.

Shades - For the stylish dad.


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Hey my loves! so the 60's are back in full force and the peasant blouse has started to take over. This blouse is so easy to style and comes in sleeveless and many other different kinds of variations. I would style this peasant blouse with either a denim mini skirt or some nice girlfriend jeans OR if you really want to look like you came from the 60's style your blouse with some flares. How would you guys style the peasant blouse? and do you already have one? let me know in the comments below! 

till next time, 
xoxo Andie 

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May Favorites 2016

I love testing out new products and this month I found a few more to add onto my arsenal of beauty supplies.

Let's start with this amazing coffee body scrub. I first found out about Frank a couple of years ago when I stumbled onto their instagram page and saw that they claimed to make skin feel silky smooth and help clear imperfections. I first bought the original body scrub and I liked it a lot and then forgot about it until recently, I have noticed that I sometimes suffer from a mild form of eczema ( darn second puberty ) and I couldn't find anything to really help until I used this again. It made all my problems go away and not only that it made my skin feel buttery smooth. So this babe will now never be forgotten because it has literally saved my skin. 

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this product! Mario Badescu has a huge line of amazing products but one of my favorites has got to be the drying lotion. It drys out any pimple or any up and coming pimple and makes it go away completely the next day. Just dab on a bit at night and when you wake up the next morning that pimple that you were dreading will vanish. 

OMG THIS PRODUCT! Ok so let me first say that I am completely incompetent with hair, how it even manages to look decent sometimes is beyond me. I didn't even know what dry texturing spray was until I spoke with my hairstylist about what I could use on my hair to make it easy to style. Oribe was one of the top brands that she had recommended and I bought it immediately. This bottle is a bit pricey but worth every penny because it helps so much and makes your hair look so good. I now use this almost every day and little does really go a long way. 

I have gone through my fair share of beach sprays and have been disappointed. Some sprays have left my hair feeling crunchy, others had a strange smell and some don't even end up working. However, this Marc Anthony Beach Spray has done wonders and not only that it smells really good! unless of course you don't like the smell of coconuts cause that's what it smells like. When I use this, which is after I wash my hair, I wake up smelling like coconuts and with the perfect waves. I will deff be using this product a lot this spring/summer.

My lovely boyfriend recently surprised me with a Kylie Jenner lip kit gloss in the shade "Literally" and I'm in love with it. I personally feel like glosses are making a comeback and I have already fallen in love with them all over again. As much as I still love a good matte I think the signature matte lip needed a bit of a change up. I wear this over all my matte lipsticks because it gives them more of a nude coloring and a nice sheen. It also smells like marshmallows and I love it when my makeup smells like goodies. 

Until next time, 
xoxo Andie 

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