Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

Just because Coachella is over does not mean that festival season is over. We still have quite a few festivals to attend! Such as LIB, Hard Summer, EDC and many more. Now that we talked about outfits let’s talk about essentials, things you will really need if your planning on attending a one or two day fest. 

Hunter boots: because you never know when its going to rain or when the grounds are muddy!

Backpack: to carry all of your essentials!

Sunglasses: block out the sun with some cool shades! 

Facial wipes: you're going to need these to feel refreshed and to wipe away any makeup.

Sunscreen: VERY IMPORTANT! especially when your event is going to be outside. 

Water bottle: ALSO VERY IMPORTANT! please keep hydrated when attending these events long exposures to the sun can make you dehydrated. 

Lip Salve: chapped lips aren't cute, so make sure you moisturize them! 

Power bank: you got to make sure your phones charged so you can take all those cute selfies and snapchat your fave performer! 

till next time, 
xoxo Andie


Fest Best pt. 2

As we all know, festival season is finally here! I can already hear the bumping of the bass and the swishing of fringe. Festival fashion has always been my favorite to watch because a lot of fashionistas out there are so creative with their clothing and makeup it truly makes it a spectacle. I wanted to showcase my own festival fashion looks even though I’m #homechella but it doesn’t mean I can’t join in on the fun.

For my first look I decided to go for a more romantic look. Braids are super in for festival season (Kylie slays it) and are really easy to do.  I made myself a little braid crown and applied natural looking makeup for a boho kind of vibe. This off the shoulder midi dress is so comfy and cute that I could dance and twirl in it all day and feel like a goddess. My accessories were simple and minimal just a few gold stackable rings and a delicate gold choker topped off with some fun bright sunnies.

My second look is more fun with a bright lip and painting around my eyes. I love how the colors really pop and makes it really eye-catching. This lace up top is perfect for the hot weather because it’s soft and breathable and it adds a sexy touch to the whole outfit. Also how cute is just a simple black choker? and those sunnies? I'm in love. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this segment on fest best! And if you do go to any festivals please make sure to keep hydrated and apply sunscreen!

Till next time,
xoxo Andie 

First Look

Second Look


The Slip Dress

The slip dress as well all know is a staple. But, the recent trend involving the slip dress is to wear a t-shirt underneath it. It's considered a nod to the famous T.V. show "90210" and just the 90's in general. I for one really love this look and you will be seeing me style it my own way very soon! 

321 maxi dress
$155 -

Dorothy Perkins slip dress

Slip dress
$28 -

until next time, 
xoxo Andie 


Untitled #42

I have been seeing so much pastel pink and honestly I’m not mad. I’m glad that this color is finally hitting it big time because it’s the perfect color to add to soften any outfit. I, myself, have already gotten a few things in this color such as a bomber jacket, a purse, and a puffball. This color was introduced at this years pantone color of the year along with serenity.

How ever I have yet to see anything with serenity but I’m hoping it will come to play later on in the year. When I first heard that there were two colors chosen as the color of the year I was a bit confused because there is usually only one. So I quickly looked it up and I was very happy that I did. The reason as to why Pantone chose two colors for this years selection was to further the movement of gender blurring and equality through fashion. Can I just say that I’m happy to live in a world that is now becoming so open minded and accepting. So kudos to Pantone and thank you for this year colors. Here’s to rose quartz and serenity. 

until next time, 
xoxo Andie

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