Skin Nouveau

 Hey guys I just wanted to share a new updated version of my skincare routine because it is working miracles right now. During the summer I usually break out more due to sweat clogging up my pores (I know super unflattering but hey it's the truth).  Just to let you guys know that these items are not sponsored and they are solely picked and based on my opinion of them. 

  1. Spin Brush - First things first, my amazing spin brush. I bought mine from Groupon for a mere $19.99 and it's honestly the best deal I have gotten. The spin brush is from My Life My Shop and it comes with 4 different heads the gentle cleaning brush, exfoliator, pumice and also a body brush. I noticed a difference with my skin after using it for a couple of times it was definitely brighter and my skin was also really soft afterwards.
  2. Angels on Bare Skin - Lush has got to be my favorite place to shop for cleansers and body wash. I found this amazing cleanser on one of my recent trips to Lush. It's very gentle on my skin but has a bit of an exfoliator because of the ground almonds. The smell is also quite pleasant due to the lavender. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has really sensitive skin and is looking for a nice gentle cleanser. 
  3. Mario Badescu - I have talked about this toner in my pervious skincare routine but I just wanted to showcase it again because it is that good. I love this toner because it is really gentle and it doesn't really leave any residue or smell on my skin which I like a lot. I like to use a toner just to get rid of any excess dirt and to make my skin tone balanced. 
  4. Picture Perfect Day - This moisturizer is amazing because it also has some SPF in it and I love the guava smell. I use this moisturizer every morning before I go outside just so I can get some extra coverage for my skin from the sun. It's not at all oily and doesn't clog my pores which is a definite plus. 

I also wanted to share some other beauty products that aren't really skin related. Such as these Olly "Undeniable Beauty" chews and The Gnarly Whale hair beach spray. The chews are amazing because they are actually really, really, yummy. I love that they have a lot of vitamins that are beauty related and actually help with your skin, hair and nails. The Gnarly Whale hair spray is something that I use once I step out of the shower. I already have wavy hair but I like to use this just for some extra oomph. It doesn't leave my hair feeling all crunchy because of salt and smells really good.

xoxo, Andie


  1. Oh these look so pretty! I would love to try them especially the hair spray for beach. I live near the beach so I can't have a decent hair look without hair oils and spray, haha. Thumbs up, girl! xx good luck to you with your blog


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