My fall uniform

Hello my lovely readers it's finally October and fall is finally here but if you live in So Cal then you know it doesn't even feel like fall more like a second summer. I just can't with all this heat bring on the rain, the cozy sweaters, and the endless amounts on PSL (pumpkin spice latte for those who didn't know) I'm ready!

I was clearly obsessed with the a-line skirt last season just cause how cute and easy it was to style. I love the a-line skirt trend so much that I chose to make it my fall uniform. A uniform for me is a go to outfit that you know you will always look good in and it takes minimal effort to pull it off. As you can see I paired my corduroy a-line skirt with a basic black tee. I then completed the look with a black bandana tied around my neck and my go to black booties.

The bandana tied around your neck is a trend that I've been seeing a lot lately and I'm all on board for it. I feel like it really does pull the whole outfit together because without the bandana it would look too plain. If you wanna do something else instead of bandana I suggest doing a nice colorful silky square scarf.

xoxo, Andie

What I'm wearing:


Lacing up

There is something sexy and elegant about a lace up dress ( or lace up anything for that matter ) which is probably why the lace up detailing is all the rage right now. I first saw a lace up dress on Reformation and my first impression of it was amazing it became more of a need then a want. Here are some ways to style 3 of these popular lace up items. 

  1.  Bodysuit - Now the bodysuit is essential for all hot weather just because it provides some coverage but also some dis-coverage ( is that a word? idk. You get my point ) Pair up your lace up body suit with some high waisted shorts a simple belt and black booties and voila the perfect summer ensemble.
  2. Dress - Now the dress is my favorite and I actually own it in black and it's so easy to style. I usually wear this dress with a denim jacket and some cute black lace up sandals.
  3. Shoes - These shoes are a must. You can also make it the focal point of your outfit by wearing just a simple shift dress with it or you can pair a crew neck shirt and a-line skirt together with it. 

I hope this quick style guide helps! 

xoxo, Andie 

Zara laced shoes


Taking the Plunge

In case you guys haven't noticed the 70's are back and it's coming for fall at full force so prepare yourself for some plunging neckline, flare jeans, bandanas and also a- line skirts. There's nothing I love more then a really good plunging neckline especially because they just look so good with lariat necklaces. This blouse not only has great neckline it also very breathable and so chic, this is definitely going to be my go to blouse this fall. So my fellow readers I also have a confession to make I have an addiction to buying denim a-line skirts, I just can't stop. Wearing a skirt is so rare for me because I usually wear jeans or a dress but I have definitely been loving the skirts more just because there are so many ways you can style it. 

xoxo, Andie 


Skin Nouveau

 Hey guys I just wanted to share a new updated version of my skincare routine because it is working miracles right now. During the summer I usually break out more due to sweat clogging up my pores (I know super unflattering but hey it's the truth).  Just to let you guys know that these items are not sponsored and they are solely picked and based on my opinion of them. 

  1. Spin Brush - First things first, my amazing spin brush. I bought mine from Groupon for a mere $19.99 and it's honestly the best deal I have gotten. The spin brush is from My Life My Shop and it comes with 4 different heads the gentle cleaning brush, exfoliator, pumice and also a body brush. I noticed a difference with my skin after using it for a couple of times it was definitely brighter and my skin was also really soft afterwards.
  2. Angels on Bare Skin - Lush has got to be my favorite place to shop for cleansers and body wash. I found this amazing cleanser on one of my recent trips to Lush. It's very gentle on my skin but has a bit of an exfoliator because of the ground almonds. The smell is also quite pleasant due to the lavender. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has really sensitive skin and is looking for a nice gentle cleanser. 
  3. Mario Badescu - I have talked about this toner in my pervious skincare routine but I just wanted to showcase it again because it is that good. I love this toner because it is really gentle and it doesn't really leave any residue or smell on my skin which I like a lot. I like to use a toner just to get rid of any excess dirt and to make my skin tone balanced. 
  4. Picture Perfect Day - This moisturizer is amazing because it also has some SPF in it and I love the guava smell. I use this moisturizer every morning before I go outside just so I can get some extra coverage for my skin from the sun. It's not at all oily and doesn't clog my pores which is a definite plus. 

I also wanted to share some other beauty products that aren't really skin related. Such as these Olly "Undeniable Beauty" chews and The Gnarly Whale hair beach spray. The chews are amazing because they are actually really, really, yummy. I love that they have a lot of vitamins that are beauty related and actually help with your skin, hair and nails. The Gnarly Whale hair spray is something that I use once I step out of the shower. I already have wavy hair but I like to use this just for some extra oomph. It doesn't leave my hair feeling all crunchy because of salt and smells really good.

xoxo, Andie


Beating the heat

August is the hottest month of the year and I like to spend that month hidden indoors with the A.C. on blast because I do not do well in heat. But, luckily there were some grace periods where the weather was nice to me and threw me some low temps so I can wear my infamous jacket and booties. 

I paired my denim jacket and and booties with a navy corduroy skirt and mock neck tank.The skirt I'm in love with because of the button down detail this is definitely going to be one of my staple pieces for fall.

xoxo, Andie

What I'm wearing: 


Goin' bananas over bandanas

Who knew that the bandana would be the greatest fashion accessory this summer? They have started to become the new staple item to have. The bandana instantly adds a pulled together look to your outfit so I suggest scooping one up to complete your look. Here's some tips on how to style your bandana.

  • Wear one tied around your neck like an ascot when wearing a dress and some Converse shoes it'll give your look a retro vibe. 
  • Wear a ringer tee, jean shorts and some booties with a loosely tied bandana around your neck will immediately give you some major camp vibes. 
  • You can also weave one into your braid or tie one around your bun.


Suit yourself

Suit yourself

Swimsuit trends are always changing and sometimes it's hard to find that perfect summer swimsuit that you like because there are so many different styles it can all be a little over whelming. So here are a few trends that have caught my eye because I mean your going need more then one bathing suit right?

Tropical: The whole palm leaf/tropical print is all the rage right now and I love it. The tropical print reminds me of vacation and tanning and isn't that what summer really is all about? Plus they look really cute with white espadrilles. 
Sporty: Ever since Triangl hopped onto the scene every one has been going crazy over the whole sporty look bathing suits. Here are a couple of sporty bathing suits that really stand out. These would look so cute with some black slides and mirrored sunnies. 
Cut-out: Nothings sexier than a cut-out bathing suit, that being said here a few of them that I found are cute and sexy. I would wear these with some cat-eye sunglasses and metallic sandals. 

till next time
xoxo, Andie 


Heating up in a denim skirt

During the summer I start brining out the crops and donning more white and putting away the black. Denim skirts have been the hottest thing this summer and I found the perfect white denim one to compliment my wardrobe. 

It has definitely been heating up lately and this has become my go to outfit for a hot sunny day. What I love about this denim skirt is that it's actually made out of denim and it has a little bit of stretch in it.
Till next time loves.

xoxo, Andie 

What I'm wearing:


The denim skirt

The denim skirt is quickly becoming the new summer staple and for good reason too it's so cute and easy to style!

Style Tips
  • Tuck in a simple shirt and throw on some Converse and VOILA! outfit made. 
  • Throw on a cute chunky sweater or a turtleneck and some studded booties for a cozy yet elevated style. 
  • CROP IT OUT - wear a crop top and a denim jacket around your waist for a stylish festival look. 

xoxo, Andie

Topshop denim skirt/Zara denim skirt/Newlook denim skirt


June Inspiration

June Inspiration

Bern Williams once said "If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it's invented romance" I however feel that June is such a romantic month (besides February)  because not only are people on summer break and looking for that summer romance but it's also wedding season. So many people plan their weddings for either June-July and I mean why shouldn't they? it's the prettiest months of the year with the roses blooming and the sun heating things up it's definitely a month of romance. When I think romance I think flares, billowy tops, and lace detailing. When I think of summer clothes I think of floppy hats, shortalls, and neutral colors. So why not incorporate the both?

  • Mules: These are the hottest shoes right now if you don't own a pair I suggest buying some you won't be disappointed because these babies go with EVERYTHING.
  • Soludos: besides the mules, these shoes have also been all the rage. This brand has actually been blowing up since a lot of fashion bloggers have been promoting them but I don't blame them these shoes are beautiful and I have been loving the tie up laces as of lately. 
  • Succulent bowls: Ok so interior decorating a thing that I'm thinking about adding to the monthly inspiration boards. Succulents have been hot for a while now but the abstract pots have caught my eye. Adding a couple of these to your home or work space will cheer you up because it's so cute.
  • Major Lazer: He's been a around for a while but his song "Lean On" is so catchy and fun that I can't help but dance whenever I hear it. Definetly a summer pump up jam. 

I hope you guys enjoy this months inspiration board! and I hope it inspires you. Till next time! 

xoxo, Andie


Feelin' myself

Florals for Spring, groundbreaking right? well what if I told you it's a sexy floral plunge romper. I recently just bought this romper on a whim but fell in love with it as soon as I put it on.

I'm usually not the one to wear bright colors but honestly this red has got me feelin' myself (HAH) I felt so good about myself that I even paired it with a red lipstick. Also I've been so obsessed with paring my Converse with everything but I mean can you blame me? they make everything look casual and cool. 

What I'm wearing: 


May Inspiration

May Inspiration

So the month of May is fun. Primarily because of May 4th ( May the 4th be with you ) and of course CINCO DE MAYO! which ironically falls on taco tuesday so I mean it's a win-win it's like 2015 was like "I GOT YOU FAM". I hope you guys eat a lot of tacos and drink a lot of margaritas ( if you're of age! ) and have a lot of fun and be safe! Besides that here's this months board I hope you guys like it.

  • Overalls/Shortalls: Ok. So overalls is making a big comeback and honestly at first I was like hmmmm ok. But now I'm just like ok YAS I need some in my closet like yesterday.
  • Espadrilles: These shoes are literally so comfy and so cute and of course are a classic look. They are all the rage right now and Circus by Sam Edelman designed these really fun ones and I'm honestly in love. Deff going to be wearing them all Spring/Summer so I'm excited. 
  • Alina Baraz & Galimatias: I love finding new music to listen to and getting to share with you guys about them. Fantasy by Alina Baraz & Galimatias is honestly my favorite song right now I really recommend you guys give it a listen cause it's so amazing and it'll probably end up being your fave song too. 
I hope this mood board inspires you!
xoxo, Andie


Treat yo face

Taking care of my skin has become a big deal to me as of late. A couple of months ago I went to the ILUVSARAHI Pro Makeup tour with my friend as her face model. Sarahi gave out so many skincare and makeup tips that it was just so inspirational to me to start taking better care of my skin.  So I popped into Ulta the other day and picked up these goodies.

One of the lovely Ulta associates helped me pick out a new cleanser. I told her that I have a problem with drying out my skin and the one I was previously using ( Neutrogena ) wasn't doing me any favors. She recommended Nip + Fab because of how hydrating and gentle it can be on your skin. I'm absolutely in love with Nip + Fab and can already see a difference in the softness and moisture of my complexion. 

After I use the cleansing pads I follow it up with my Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner. This toner works wonders on my skin because it moisturizes and removes excess dirt off of my face. The aloe vera is so calming and hydrating that it doesn't dry out my skin at all. Rosebud salve is like a staple in cosmetics. Its so hydrating, has a lovely fragrance and also it's inexpensive, definitely a must have. 

I actually received my little bottle of Ole Henrikson Truth Serum from my aunt this Easter and I've been using it ever since. It tightens my skin and moisturizes at the same time. It has grapefruit and orange extract so it has a nice fragrance to it. It is a bit pricey but worth it. I had a problem not too long ago that my under eye kept drying out and flaking but with this creme it completely went away. ROC eye cream has been extremely beneficial and I gladly added it to my daily skincare. I hope sharing my skincare routine helps you guys with your skincare! remember that your skin is important and setting up a good skincare routine is rewarding in the long run. 

xoxo, Andie 



 Hey guys!!! So the trend that I'm loving this season is the white jeans. It gives your outfit such a clean and simple look, I've been wearing them everywhere. 

Also how cute is the back on this little top? It's so silky and lacy i'm in love! I paired it with a strappy back bra that I got from Free People to give it more of an edge. 
Till next time loves! 
XOXO, Andie 

What I'm wearing: Brami/Free People  Jeans/ Free People  Bra/Free People


April Inspiration

April Inspiration
How crazy is it that it's already April, it feels like time is going by so fast. I really can't complain though because the faster time goes by the closer we get to Summer. I'm REALLY excited for Summer time because that means music festivals and road trips!! That brings me to this months board, full of festival inspo and camping delights. 

  1. Flume - Ok this DJ though. HE IS SO GOOD, his song "Drop the Game" with Chet Faker is on fleek. I'm loving the whole Chillstep (if that's what it's called) genre right now. 
  2. Polaroids - I finally jumped on the polaroid train and bought myself the Instax 210. I've been eyeing it for a while and decided to get it just in time for adventures. I'm a big believer in capturing the moments. 
  3. Macarons - Ok, so I have an obsession with these and they should be on every inspiration board for all the months. 
  4. Too Faced Melted - This lipstick is the perfect balance of creamy and shiny. All the colors are so pretty, but my favorite has got to be the melted coral. It's perfect for Spring/Summer. 
I hope this mood board inspires you this month! 

xoxo, Andie 


Festival Ready

Lighting in a bottle, Coachella, HARD Summer, and of course EDC are all right around the corner.  
That's right ladies and gents Festival Season is here!  I'm not going to lie my favorite part about Festival Season is not only going to see the amazing artists perform and dance all night but also getting all dressed  up.

For my first look I have on a cute tie-dye romper with a surplice neckline from Urban Outfitters and a black strappy bra from Free People. I really wanted to showcase my Flash Tattoos because I'm so obsessed with them right now.  Of course I had to top off my look with a floppy hat (courtesy of Urban Outfitters) and some shades. 

Here is a little close up of my Flash Tattoos! they are the Sheebani and honestly i'm so in love with them. 

This here is my lovely friend Nadia, she let me style her for the second part of the Festival Ready post. I've been seeing a lot of untamed braids looks for Spring so I decided to incorporate it into this look with a black floppy hat. 

This cute crop top and belt are from Free People ( Of course ) It's the perfect outfit for dancing around in the sun all day. Also how amazing is this belt? it just gives the outfit a nice pop.  I also added a cute little harness (Forever 21)  for some detail on the back. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this festival inspired post! have fun and be safe and remember to keep hydrated when going to these events! 

xoxo, Andie

thanks again to @nadi_uhhh for modeling! 


March Inspiration

March Inspiration

Flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is coming out stronger and stronger which makes me sad a bit because that means I'm going to have to start putting my lovely coats in storage. But who cares it's MARCH! we're about to be on Spring Break and travel to different places to sight see or just relax (we all need to really) So here's a little mood board to help us get through this month. 

  • Passport & Luggage: I see you Spring Break and I'm coming for ya. If you're a college student or even high school (maybe younger?) then I know your probably as pumped about Spring Break as I am. One week of total relaxation is something I need desperately.
  • Lana Del Ray: My sister has been pumping out her jams non-stop so I decided to give it a listen. I finally joined the Lana train her music is really good! like the twirl around in your room good. 
  • Coral Lips: as Winter is leaving us we say goodbye to the lovely nude lips and welcome back the nice coral lip just in time for Spring. Oh coral, how we have missed you.
  • Brami's: These little numbers are going to be a fashion staple for the Spring/Summer so make sure you grab one of these babies and put it to work. The one that I have posted here is the Ecplise Brami from Free People. 
I hope this mood board inspires you! 
xoxo, Andie


Valentines Day Edition

This Valentines Day was very special to me because I chose to be with my sisters over anyone else. We started out our day by going to breakfast at my favorite little place in the world, MAMA KATS!!! their fried chicken and waffles is too good. We grabbed some Better Buzz to get out buzz going and we're off. 

How amazing is this little black dress from Free People? it's the perfect date night dress. It's a nice ponte material so it's stretchy and breathable. Also it's hugs my curves just right! 

Also the back on this amazing. 
After the shoot, we went on a small shopping trip and got Thai food. By the way if you guys are ever in the Vista area I deff recommend going to Thai one on. All your Thai food cravings would be met there. All in all this Valentines day was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better time. I hope you guys also had an amazing time with the ones you loved. Happy V-day!

xoxo, Andie

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